Bullies: A Thanksgiving Prayer

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November 25, 2013


While searching the web this morning, I found this terrific little prayer and I knew that I needed to re-post it for you. I rarely inject religion into these posts, however, I thought this one was more spiritual than religious. I hope you like it. It was written by Claudia Broome. I hope you enjoy this week’s video as well. Charlie Brown and The Beatles teamed up for this great little montage to the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

My wish for everyone around the world is to a have a peaceful and wonderful day, not only on Thanksgiving Day, but everyday of the year.



Bullies: A Thanksgiving Prayer

Written by Claudia Broome

Dear God, hopefully you are listening. I know how busy you are.

Will you please teach bullies that being kind can make you feel good too? Will you help them understand that they can be just as happy if they don’t laugh at me or call me names?

I know I’m just a kid but I know about these things. Well, I’m sure you already know all about me. You know how sad I am. You know how alone I am. And you know how afraid I am.

Maybe you could visit the bullies as they have their Thanksgiving dinners and somehow teach them that Thanksgiving should be about being thankful and helping people who are alone.

I never tried to be mean to anyone because that just isn’t right. You and my mom taught me that. They don’t even have to say sorry, I’ll forgive them if they just stop laughing at me and calling me names. Well, I forgive them anyway but it would make me happier if they stopped.

When they are eating their Thanksgiving dinners, maybe you could just whisper in their ears that bullying makes you unhappy. That could make a really big difference because after all, you are God and you are very, very important at least to some people.

I’m not important and nobody cares if I die, at least that’s what they tell me. I know you understand how I feel because your son was bullied too.

So God, please help the bullies and their parents understand what it feels like. Maybe you could even tell them about your son Jesus and how much he suffered.

My mom has to work on Thanksgiving but that’s okay because she loves me just like you do. I’m used to being alone so don’t worry about me for now because it’s more important that you help the bullies understand that they are upsetting you too.

I love you God and I know you love me and that sure helps. Oh and I almost forgot to ask you if you will tell the kids who are watching to do something to help kids being bullied?

Thank you God. Amen.


  1. Comment by Cynthia:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kevin. Thank you for all you do to help our youngest citizens.

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