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October 12, 2013

Sometimes, no matter how much research I do, I get it wrong. First, it is important that I apologize to Jessica Logan’s family and friends for reporting misinformation. For those of you who know me, you know that my intentions are NEVER to hurt anybody. My attempt is to honor those who have lost their lives to the bullies of this sometimes cruel world by telling their stories in a respectful, positive way.

Earlier this week I received an email from Cynthia Logan, Jessica Logan’s mother. She asked me to set the record straight about her daughter. In my original post I reported, as was widely reported by the media, that Jessica sexted a nude picture of herself to her boyfriend. While taking a nude picture of yourself on your cell phone is never a good idea, in and of itself, is not a crime. Jessica’s only mistake was making the bad decision to take the photo. What actually happened next was much more sinister than Jessica herself sending the photo to her boyfriend. Complete with a police incident report to back-up what really occurred, we learned that the photo, which Jessica never sent to anyone, including her boyfriend at the time, was stolen off of her cell phone by a couple of girls who got a hold of Jessica’s phone and sent the picture to everyone on Jessica’s contact list. Shortly after Jessica died, these girls admitted to Jessica’s best friend, Sami Bruce, what they had done. A core group of 4 girls and Jessica’s ex-boyfriend took it upon themselves to maliciously send the photo to four (4) school districts…and only God knows where it went from there. As you will see when you read Jessica Logan’s story, she lost her battle to these bullies on July 3, 2008. Jessica was an artist extraordinaire! She not only excelled in the art of drawing, but the art of writing as well. To see her story either click on the link on the left-hand side of this page, or Jessica’s picture above.

Sadly, 5-years later, the media continues to report that Jessica is to blame, even after the facts have been plainly presented for all to see. Sami wrote this understandably scathing piece asking the media to STOP reporting that this was Jessica’s fault. Here’s that statement:

Seriously? Get your facts right! I find this extremely offensive because Jessie was my dear friend. Journalists who continue to report that Jessie was the one who sent the photograph are WRONG. One of her “friends” was the one who STOLE the photo off of Jessie’s phone and sent it to whoever she thought would like to see it. She’s an evil, merciless being who looked at me dead in the eyes after we buried Jessie a week prior and smirked about how she was the one who sent the photo. As a journalist, we have to give details but THE RIGHT ONES. Every news station, newspaper, magazine and any other form of media has failed to state the truth about Jessie’s case. Where is your law and ethics? What happened to reporting the truth? Is it merely to raise your viewing rates because sexting was such a hot topic at that time? C’mon people. Where’s the dignity? For all of you reading this, know the truth and spread the word. Jessie was innocent and never demeaned herself like everyone is stating. This angers the Logan’s tremendously because we all know the truth but everyone fails to see it. I’m glad Cynthia Logan and her husband, Bert can now find peace because they are amazing people who deserve it and I love them with all my heart. As for Sycamore, you have a problem but fail to see it. Wake up!
Cynthia Logan told me in one of our email exchanges this week:
My daughter’s only mistake was taking the photo. The rest was the fault of the abusive peers decimating the photo, and the school officials who were not charged in our lawsuit. It is a shame a school can get away with this crime. They had no regard for my teenager.
Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, you heard right, NO ONE has ever been charged with this heinous crime, not the students involved in initially disseminating the photo, and not the school system that was completely aware of the situation and chose to cover it up. They didn’t even report what they knew to Jessica’s family. Sure, they reported that she was constantly truant, but did they mention WHY? They did not. For that they absolutely need to be taken to task. I know that this blog is small, but it is mighty. I only hope and pray that it will be the springboard to restoring Jessica Logan’s dignity and rightful place in history.
As I reported to you last week, we are in the midst of National Bullying Prevention Month. Wednesday was Unity Day. Students from around the world were asked to wear orange in support of bullying prevention. Now I want to introduce you to a terrific group of boys and girls. They are a kindergarten class from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With the help of their teacher, Mrs. Willis (Tara as she is known to me) , you will get to meet each of these great kids in the coming days and months. They will be involved in various anti-bullying projects throughout the school year. I can’t wait for you to meet them. Here’s a sneak-peek of a couple of pictures taken during one of their bullying prevention events on Wednesday:
photo 1photo 3


  1. Comment by Cynthia Logan Jessica Forever mother:

    We settled out of court with Sycamore H.S. but they take no responsibility. The 5 students who originally disseminated Jessica’s photo all pleaded the 5th. We settled out of court with them as well. No settlement will justify what took place.
    Thank you, Kevin. You are very compassionate man. Bless your heart.

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